Rhian’s Tarot and Psychic Readings

If you feel stuck or uncertain about the next step or the best decision to make, an intuitive tarot reading with me can provide the guidance you need in helping you determine your path and empower you to find solutions to your problems. It can help your regain a sense of personal power in any given situation.

We all have situations, choices and decisions to make everyday, some that can change the course of our lives for better or worse. Making those choices can be difficult, wondering about things that will affect our lives can be frustrating and confusing, an intuitive tarot reading can show you not just a different perspective, but change your perspective, help you in making the choices and decisions that will work for your highest good and well-being.

I have a range of email tarot readings that I provide, please visit the services and readings pages for a detailed explanation of readings and prices. Check the contact page for how to make contact or request a reading.

I provide a free tarot card of the week in my blog. I also post an energy message for the weekend called The Weekender!, which you can find on instagram.

Please see my code of ethics listed below to get an idea of how I work.

  • I do not do third party readings, unless there is an established connection between the two parties.
  • I do not answer medical or legal questions of any kind. I am not a trained medical professional or lawyer.
  • All client information is kept strictly confidential.
  • I treat all clients with respect and dignity, regardless of their origin, race, religion, gender, age or sexual preference.
  • I do not predict winning lottery numbers, death, pregnancies, names, specific dates.
  • I use compassion, diplomacy, and tact in all my readings. However, I will not lie or sugar coat what the cards are showing me. If there is a message in the cards, it is there for your highest good.
  • I will respect my client’s right to refuse or terminate their reading at any time, regardless of prior consent.
  • ¬†I reserve the right to refuse any reading that goes against my code of ethics or from anyone who is disrespectful.
  • I do not do readings for those under 18 years of age.
  • While my readings do have a predictive element to them, I do not provide “fortune teller” style readings. No crystal ball, turban or witchy nails! I believe our futures are ideally of our own making and are not set in stone. We employ our free will every minute of the day to create our lives. Therefore, the cards will show you where things are heading and provide options. It is up to you to choose how you will use that information!


Photos of the Radiant-Rider Waite deck used with permission of U.S. Games Systems c. 1971. All rights Reserved.

Your reading is accurate and clear, you managed to put my thoughts into a fluent line and you helped me decide which should be the one desire that I should focus on materializing. Thanks and keep up the good work!

-Sonia, Romania, Feb/17


Thank you for this truly helpful reading. It was very thorough, and it provided a lot of insight and tangible suggestions in a clear, easy to understand manner. I really appreciate the time you took to explore different aspects in-depth and tie everything together into underlying themes. Thank you so much!

-Leslie, United States, March/17