What Does it Mean to Empower Yourself with Tarot?

For many, the idea of using tarot to guide their life or personal decisions in any matter is scary or inconceivable. How can a handful of cards with pictures on them give you advice on how to proceed with that break-up you just experienced? Or that issue at work? The falling out with your sister? Or your money troubles?

Readers use tarot cards, with your permission, to pick up on your energy and then through, training, intuition and sometimes, psychic ability; interpret the information they are receiving from your energy about that issue and lay it out for you in a reading in a way that you can understand. But that is only part of how a reading works….

In taking the information you’ve been given, you can process it and use it to devise a plan in moving forward with your issue or problem. Sometimes when we’re stuck or can’t see past the problem or the circumstances, a reading with a good reader can help us see a different perspective, a different path, a different course of action to take.

That insight is a way of moving past the block or the problem that has been plaguing you for a period of time and preventing you from moving forward with your life in a way that is positive and productive for you. Sometimes it’s a tiny piece of information you are missing or not seeing that the cards have revealed for you. Or a perspective you never considered before, that changes how you approach the issue. This in turn gives you the “power” to deal with your problem, change the outcome and move forward in a new direction. Voila! You have effectively “Empowered Yourself”!!

When you empower yourself, you give yourself back the control of a situation that previously had you stumped. Something that had been keeping you awake at night, taking up much of your thoughts and feelings in waking hours, is now resolved.  Such is the power of tarot!


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