Tarot Card of the Week

December 18-24, 2017

Queen of Pentacles

This card refers to someone in your life that is nurturing, caring, loves nature, but is also down-to-earth and practical. This person is you or someone close to you. You will either receive some sage advice from this person this week; or give it! You may get some recognition for your hard work this week, be it professionally or personally.

You may be thinking about working from home at this point in your career and wondering if that is feasible, or you may be switching to working in or with nature or work that assists the environment or heals the planet.

You may have to assess your finances and whether or not you are in a good position to work from home. The answer will likely be yes, with some budgeting and adjustments to your home work environment. This card suggest that you will work better and accomplish more in your own environment, or working with the environment. It will be a change that brings you peace and meaning.

Image from Morgan-Greer Tarot ©

queenof pentacles

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