Tarot Card of the Week

January 1-7th, 2018

Knight of Wands

The new year sees you forging ahead with your plans with energy and enthusiasm. The horse depicted in the card is galloping forward, indicating that your are making strides towards your goals; be they in business, personal life or spirituality…or a combination of all three. This card also indicates possible travel for work, training or personal reasons.

If you are not currently in a relationship, you may meet someone on your travels; however this card indicates an almost unwavering focus this week on work and your plans for 2018. You are not allowing yourself to be distracted by anything. Like the Knight in the card, you are keeping your eye on the prize! The only caution here, is not to give in to impulsiveness.

If you have been on a spiritual journey; it’s time to come to terms with where you are, and how it has changed you. Don’t hide it, be honest with yourself and others. Keep going, your journey will reap it’s rewards.

Image from The Witch’s Tarot by Llewellyn Worldwide ©


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