Tarot Card of the Week

January 8-14th, 2018

Two of Pentacles

Wow, so many Pentacles cards have shown up within the last 6 weeks! Now that you have all this enthusiasm, energy and opportunity, you need to learn to balance it. This card is all about time management, juggling, balance and prioritization. In other words, making that all important to-do list of all the things that are most urgent and necessary and doing those first.

It also advises that you need prioritization, not just at work, but in all areas of your life. This may be the true challenge this week. creating the necessary time for work, family, health, exercise, fun etc. Sometimes it’s difficult to devote the necessary time and energy to everything; and like the waves in the card, it makes for choppy waters. As this is a Pentacles card, represented by earth, you will likely have the stamina to see your important tasks through to completion. There may be some things at the bottom of the list that you may have to set aside for next week, it’s okay, put them off if you have to, the essential work will get done.

Image from the Morgan-Greer Tarot ©


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