Tarot Card of the Week

January 15-21st, 2018


As the Sun comes up on the horizon, a new day is dawning. The man in the depiction has cast his Crown on the floor or “put it aside,” and is reaching for something new. He is choosing to leave behind, the life he has known, the one he was groomed and trained for; for something that inspires him, something that has meaning and significance. The flowers blooming, the blue sky and green grass, all signify that the change is the right one.

Many of you may be going through a similar transition right now, that involves dispensing with the old and starting over; be it in your work, personal life or anything that brings your life meaning.

While walking a new path, or changing direction, can be full of “what ifs,” you can take your time to carefully chart your course and ensure that the decisions you make are in your best interest.  Listen to your intuition and pay attention to what is going on around you. These things will help guide your way forward, into the life that you want.

Image from the Connolly Tarot Deck ©


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