The Weekender! Energy of the Weekend

January 19-22, 2018

Six of Swords

A new leg of your journey has begun. The card depicts a man and a woman in a boat containing 6 swords, moving towards the other side of the water. They are not looking behind them to see what they have left behind. They are focused on what lies before them in the distance, with the hope that a new phase of life or a new adventure begins. While there appears to be a little sadness in their countenance, the change is necessary. They are leaving something behind, in order to gain something better that they need. It is truly going from a familiar way of life; to something new and unknown.

For many of you currently; you are going from an old life, to a new one; whether it be in work, love or financially. The future; while different, holds and offers you much promise. It is still very much a period of transition for you. But this weekend finds you one step closer to completing that transformation. They key is not to hold too tightly to the past, while moving into the new, because what awaits you, is where you need to be.

Image the Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck©


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