Tarot Card of the Week

January 22- 26, 2018


The concept of cause and effect will come into play for you this week. It may play out in your physical environment through an outcome or end result of something you did or put in place in the recent past. It’s coming full circle and you are seeing the results, positive or negative this week.

In the spiritual realm you may see cause and effect play out in the form of Karma. What you put out, you get back and not always in the form you send it out in, but always with the same intent.

In all things there is a need for balance, remember to be fair in your dealings with others, as all actions have a consequence. The whimsical  nature of this card suggests that whatever is working itself out is not the most serious issue or concern in your life, but it is something that needs to be resolved now.

Image from the Housewives Tarot ©


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