Tarot Card of the Week

This card looks scary at first glance, but in the reversed position, it’s positive.

February 26 – March 2, 2018

Ten of Swords Reversed

In the reversed position, the swords appear to be falling out or away.  If you have been feeling betrayed or “stabbed in the back,” that period or feeling is about to lift or dissipate.  Something has changed, your circumstances, or information has come to light, but things have shifted, to alleviate the situation.  You can now put that issue behind you, and start a new chapter with a clean slate.

If you are leaving a job, there’s another to replace it. If you have suffered financial loss, there is the possibility of compensation, or coming to an agreement that works for you and the other party.

Deck Used Radiant Rider-Waite ©


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