New Moon Reading

March 17, 2018

Page of Wands

In place of the Weekender, I’m providing a new moon reading. 🙂

New moons come once per month and it is a good time to set an intention for something you want to start, begin or develop in your life. Intentions help you to create clarity in your life.

This card represents the youthful and adventurous side of life, and beginnings. This new moon is a great time for new opportunities in work, relationships, money or spirituality. If you hit an obstacle in any of these areas, it’s not an indication to give up. Give it some time, find another way, wait it out or allow things to run their course.

Set an intention or goal for whatever you are working on, write it down to remind yourself. Come back to it as often as possible. Re-affirm to yourself daily if necessary for this goal that you wish to manifest, in order to make it a reality and practice gratitude for what you do have. The work and energy you put into it will be worth it! 🙂

Card from Connolly Tarot ©


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