Tarot Card of the Week

March 19-23, 2018

Queen of Swords

This card represents or can be, you or a woman that is close to you, in any area of your life.  She is shrewd, intelligent, perceptive, organized, one-step ahead and independent…she gets things done. Like a sword, she cuts through all the extraneous information to get to the heart of any matter, situation or circumstance. She will be front and center-stage this week, in your personal life, or at work, or some other aspect of your world, taking charge and getting things done, in her no-nonsense manner.

While it’s great to have people that take care of business, it is also important not to get crushed in the process. Set boundaries with this person if necessary, and advise her that everyone has a role to play in decisions that affect them.

They likely mean well, but need to reign in the warrior spirit a bit in order to allow others to participate or make their own decisions when faced with challenges.  🙂 🙂

Card from Morgan-Greer Tarot ©


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