New Moon Reading (The Weekender)

April 13-16, 2018

Page of Swords

Pages are messengers and they represent beginnings, the page of swords is no different. If you are at odds with those you work with or with a loved one, try to keep in mind that others have their own opinions and points of view about things, compromise and respect for who they are is important. 🙂 🙂

Because this card can deal with legal matters, it’s more important to keep your cool, and make rational decisions and choices. Remember: what you put out you get back. Make sure what you give to others and the world around your is what you want to receive.

As there is a new moon on Sunday … now is a good time to deal with the above noted issues. Put down the sword … set an intention or goal for whatever you are challenged with or going through right now.  How do you want it to work out? How can you create the best possible outcome for all involved? Write your intentions down if necessary to maintain your focus on a great outcome. Make it a goal. Be grateful for every milestone and keep moving forward towards the flagstones!! You will experience a positive shift.

Card from Morgan-Greer Tarot ©


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