The Weekender!

April 20-23, 2018

The Star ⭐

I have not pulled this card to date since starting my blog.  A beautiful card that signifies hope, wishes, dreams, a time of peace and calm and a new direction away from recent challenges and difficulties. Any negative feelings you were experiencing as a result of those experiences are now being released; hand to heart, like the woman depicted in the card, you are letting them go, so they can no longer create problems and moving forward with a renewed sense of hope, positive intentions and goals for the future. ☼

By getting in touch with your inner being, your heart ♥ your center, you are able to hear your intuition and determine what it is you truly want, and the path you need to follow. The one that’s right for you, not your neighbour,  co-workers, friends, hairdresser … but the one that resonates with who you are.

So you are entering a period of change and transformation and following a path that has meaning for you. This path may involve a spiritual journey, or following the dreams that you have had and kept for many years, believing you could not follow them for one reason or another. You now have the courage, strength and belief in yourself to begin moving in that direction. You believe in yourself and know that it’s your choice and not up to the whims of others. The star ⭐ will shed it’s light and guide your way.

Card from Alchemia Tarot ©


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