Tarot Card of the Week

April 23-27, 2018

Ace of Cups

I pulled this card twice after a reshuffle, so it definitely has a message to impart this week. This is a love card for all intents and purposes. It can indicate that you will meet someone this week that gives you those butterflies in your stomach, makes your heart beat faster and your palms sweat. But this is the exception, rather than the rule for most and you may already be in a contented personal relationship situation, if so there may be a renewal of love and passion.

In work and career, it indicates you have become tired and disillusioned with your day job. You no longer feel that it fits with your beliefs or purpose and the monotony of it has become stale and stagnant. You may feel unmotivated and bored. Therefore the work becomes taxing.

It may be time to start a new path or direction. You may be looking at starting a private business, or using creative talents to make money and get your name out there. Follow your heart, but do your homework before making big changes. Make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s, cover your bases before striking out on your own in business, or adding that element to your work life. It will create a firmer foundation for you to stand on.

Card from Connolly Tarot ©


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