The Weekender!

April 27-30, 2018

Nine of Swords Reversed

At first glance, this card looks foreboding, and the fact that it’s in the reversed position seems even worse. However, it is about release. Something was keeping you up at night, stress, worry, anxiety, fear, an overactive imagination running away with you and taking you someplace you did not want to be. It means that whatever is on your mind is starting to improve. Likely because you have changed your perspective on the situation and have regained control over your thoughts and emotions.

…If you are in denial about something, ie, divorce, sickness etc. You will need to face it and find someone to confide in, otherwise it can negatively impact your health and emotional well being. It requires self care on all levels.

Card from Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot ©


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