Tarot Card of the Week~ Full Moon/Pink Moon Reading

April 29-May 4, 2018

Eight of Wands

This is a card of movement and change. This card denotes swift change in some aspect of your life. Moving from one job to another, ending or starting a relationship, getting a raise, promotion, a proposal. Whatever it is, it will be quick and unexpected. It is the result of conditions set in motion over the last several months to a year of your life. If there has been a period of stagnation, or if it has felt like a waiting game in some area of your life, that is coming to an end and results and goals realized are at hand.

As the full moon is a time of release, one thing you can release in relation to this card is perspective. This card suggests you try out new ideas, begin new projects, develop a new way to do business, start a new health regime, exercise class, or buy a house, this requires letting go of views or a perspective that no longer works anymore … for something that can bring positive new energy that will improve things in that aspect of your life for the better.

Card from Alchemia Tarot ©


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