The Weekender!

May 18-21, 2018

Two of Cups

This is a card of partnership, marriage, relationships. And with the royal wedding just hours away, it’s timely and appropriate. However… this card denotes something more. Because these two depicted mirror each other, it suggests balance, connection that goes beyond the physical and could indicate soulmates or in those rare cases …. a twin soul connection. If so, you would need to cultivate the spiritual relationship, otherwise the physical relationship will be a rollercoaster, full of confusion, misunderstandings and intense emotions.

From a practical perspective, it can indicate a cohesive work partnership, that benefits both parties. You balance and complement each other, and the arrangement is beneficial to your both.

****Keep your eyes peeled next Wednesday for a new addition to my page …The Mid-Weeker.

Card from The Housewives Tarot ©

IMG_0678 (2)

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