Tarot Card of the Week

May 21-25, 2018

Nine of Pentacles

Pentacles cards are usually about career and finances. This card indicates self-sufficiency, achievement and attainment of a level of comfort from hard work and an established career or work history.

The man in the card is holding out his hand and a bird, is sprinkling something glittery into it. This symbolizes you are being given abundance and opportunity. The flowers and the lush surroundings also indicate the same things. You will have your career success for as long as you want it and there may be a chance for promotion along the way.

This card also suggests you will likely use the resources or income from your work, to create a comfortable home environment. One that may include gardening, pets, children and serene and relaxing surroundings or a mini oasis or get away. Somewhere you can retreat to when you are not working.

Practice gratitude for what you have and you will have more. This includes, downtime and periods of peace and quiet. You have earned it.

Card from Alchemia Tarot ©

IMG_0684 (2)

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