The Weekender!

May 25-28, 2018

Seven of Swords

I shuffled twice and this card came up twice. So my fair readers …. there is a message here!

The man depicted in the card has stolen 5 swords, and is sneaking away undetected; or so he believes. This card is a heads up. There is someone in your life that is sneaking around behind the scenes, maybe doing something behind your back. This card indicates betrayal, underhandedness, deceit. This may not be someone who is close to you on a personal level, but someone you work with, or know through other means. If you’ve been getting that niggling feeling that something is not right with someone in your life, or you feel you can’t trust…pay attention, it’s your intuition.

Do what you can to rectify  the situation before it gets out of hand, with the least amount of damage or harm. You will know where you stand with this person soon, and what you intend to do about it.

On a more practical note, don’t tell others every detail of what you are working on or what your plans are, be discriminating with your personal information.

Card from Radiant Rider-Waite ©


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