Tarot Card of the Week

June 4-8, 2018

Two of Swords

This card represents a crossroads. You have two directions to choose from, so will you go left or right? Several of the cards that have been pulled in the last two weeks have been about change, making choices and decisions that affect the future. This card is in keeping with that. Due to the whimsical nature of this card, it would signify that the decision is not life altering or too serious, but still necessary.

The path you have to take can be about anything at all. Do I take this job or stay where I am? Do I buy the house that I want or save for a while longer? Do I leave this relationship that’s run it’s course or stay for a while longer, until I sort things out for myself? It may be something even more minor than that.

Again, as mentioned before, in last weeks 7 of Cups… weigh the pros and cons of each choice and decide what resonates with you. What feels right? What’s your intuition saying? That will be the choice that will work for you! Have a good week. I will be back on Wednesday with our mid-week Oracle!

The Housewives Tarot ©


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