Tarot Card of the Week

June 11-15, 2018

The Tower

Yikes, the Tower! People sometimes grimace or turn tail and run when they see this card! However, it is more symbolic then literal. it doesn’t means death and destruction, but that something’s falling away or crumbling. It is likely beliefs, views, opinions, a way of life, a lifestyle, the foundation upon which you’ve lived your life in recent times. Something that has been fundamental in your life is changing. Maybe it’s how you view yourself, the world, people that you associate with or care about.

What is falling away is necessary, in order for something new to come forward in that area of your life. Sometimes this can represent forced change by the universe, or your soul. Something that you have been holding onto, feeling that you need it. When really, you need to let go of it, in order for growth, for your greatest good and well-being to take place. It is not bad.

Sometimes we cannot face the changes we need to create without help, be it from your inner being or someone around you that is enlightened. You will feel relief and a renewed sense of hope when it happens.

In the world at large, it can represent changes in the establishment, or significant changes within systems.

Card from Connolly Tarot ©


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