Mid-Week Oracle Card

June 20, 2018


This card is self-explanatory to some extent. However, I write my own explanations for the cards, depending on what my intuition is telling me, and there is a message here today.

We all need to work in some capacity, whether it’s for someone else or ourselves. We all have bills to pay. However, make sure you are not going to the extreme and burning the midnight oil too often. While it can be productive to have a strong work ethic, there always needs to be balance in everything we do. Self-care is important and prevents burnout and a tendency to become disillusioned with what we are doing.

Make sure you are aware of what your limits are and set boundaries, if necessary, especially with those that have a lot of expectations of others. Now is a good time to assess this, and create an environment that works for you. Also “busywork” can keep you from assessing what you need to keep and remove or alter in your life. Cut out what no longer serves you or brings you joy.

Card from Charka Wisdom Oracle © Tori Hartman


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