Mid-Week Oracle Card

June 27, 2018


This is a great card, especially with tomorrow being the full moon/Super moon. Since full moons are about releasing. What needs to be released in order to become or remain impartial, is judgement. Judgement of others, of ourselves …of circumstances. Checking judgement at the door when encountering others or certain situations, can be challenging. Especially if it’s someone that pushes your buttons! However …. in order to get to the truth and past illusions, opinions and false information, it’s necessary to practice impartiality.

If you interact with someone and try to retain an opened mind, or neutrality, you may see them differently. Likewise try to see decisions you’ve made, or choices from a non-judgmental viewpoint. Listen to your intuition in any situation instead. What is it telling you? Go inward and rely on that inner voice to give you the information you require. That will lead you to the truth!


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