The Weekender!

August 10-13, 2018


The key to this deck advises, “Desire in action means that believing that a particular outcome is good; it is worthy of our desire. It means valuing something as important, and therefore worthy of our time and effort.”

So here is the real question. What is before you this weekend, presently that is creating that desire? Is it something that is worth your time and energy? Or is it a whim, something that will bring temporary enjoyment and leave you asking for more when the novelty wears off?

Anything that has a long term benefit for your life or the community around you is likely to be worth the effort and time.  However, sometimes we can all get caught in the quest for the material or something fleeting, and later wish we hadn’t bothered.

Ask yourself those questions before giving into the desire for something. Whatever it is, it can run the gamut, from a personal item to a course in something or a trip. Explore it’s worth, and you will know the answer! Enjoy the weekend!

Card is from the beautiful deck, Dreams of Gaia from Ravynne Phelan. ©



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