Tarot Card of the Week

September 17-21, 2018

Ten of Fire

What a powerful looking card. This is someone whose charkas are all in alignment and free of toxic energy. He is full of vibrant life force energy and ready to take on the world. The book speaks of mastery of oneself and one’s craft.

What I am getting from this card is someone who has stepped into his personal power. He is fully aware of the power he has and is embracing it and owning it. He is “on fire,” unstoppable and ready to take on the tasks that lie before him.

The time for denial of who he is and what he can accomplish is over. He is willing to pick up his anvil and get on with the work he was born to do. As the chakras are fully illuminated, this speaks to a spiritual calling. What his soul is here to do. He is ready to serve the greatest good with resolve.

This may be you or someone you know this week. A turning point, a period where you decide to follow the path of your soul and move in that direction with purpose and determination. Here you will find fulfillment and the inner peace you seek. Have a wonderful week!

Dreams of Gaia Oracle by Ravynne Phelan  ©


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