Tarot Card of the Week


November 19-23, 2018

The healing card symbolizes a need to reconnect and listen to what your body and soul are telling you. If you are feeling dissatisfied and unhappy, empty and needing more, it’s time to get in touch with your intuition, to find out what it is you truly need to be content. This can be accomplished through meditation and focusing inward, instead of on the world around you. No one knows what is going to make you truly fulfilled other than you.

Looking for meaning in material acquisitions, making money, or the validation and admiration of others, can leave you feeling empty once the novelty wears off. Real contentment can only be found within. Take the time necessary to listen to your inner voice and hear what is has to say. Follow that advice, as it is the best gauge of what you need. Have a great week!

Cards from Dreams of Gaia Tarot ©

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