The Weekender!

Five of Swords

November 23-26, 2018

This card usually depicts 5 individuals with swords, in conflict. This depiction suggests the conflict of opinions, thoughts or feelings is more internal. This card is telling you not to be so hard on yourself. Self-criticism cuts off any forward momentum or progress we might make before we even get started. Perfection is an illusion and designed to always keep you grasping for more.

You can heal this by looking at these thoughts objectively. Are these outdated and outmoded ideas? Do they belong to you? Or were they given to you by others? Let go of the ones that no longer serve a positive purpose and create a list of affirmations that support your progress and well-being. E.g. I am successful, strong and capable. Use them. Mend those gaps. Remember; a stitch in time saves nine! Have a great weekend!

Card from the Housewives Tarot ©


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