The Weekender!

King of Cups

November 30-Dec 3, 2018

Shuffled and got this card twice. I’m not getting away without imparting a message! This is a man who has a compassionate and nurturing personality. His home and family are his first priority. He wants to do work he enjoys, he is romantic, he is a helper, a person that others seek out for advice and support.

This card is saying this weekend there is someone in your life or on the periphery of your life that fills this description and role. He will figure into your weekend and coming days in some way, whether it be in your work/business dealings, personal, or friends. He has something to share, some wisdom to impart, that you need to hear right now. Enjoy the time together and listen with both ears! Have a great weekend!

Card from Moonchild Tarot ©


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