Bottoms Up Reading

Eight of Swords

December 3-7, 2018

No, this is not a scary card, it’s a card about limitations and restrictions. We believe the restrictions are imposed upon us, and there is no way out, but in fact, it is either an illusion, or they are self-imposed.

In this card, she is at the entrance to the swords, with a boiling cauldron. She is at the end of this imprisonment and is not trapped. It appears she is beginning something new. She is taking some respite and regrouping before she takes action and starts down a new path. This is where you are now, you’ve realized you can get yourself out and have done so. After you take a well deserved respite and gather your thoughts, devise a plan and move forward.

You’re only steps away from your new path! Have a great week.

Card from the Moondchild Tarot ©


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