The Weekender!

Wheel of Fortune

March 29-April 1, 2019

Karma- what goes around comes around. What we put out eventually makes it’s way back to us. This regards everything, not just the bad but the positive, the helpful and everything in between.

It is a universal law and functions whether people believe in it or not. Karma may arrive from a different source, but it will be equal in measure to what you put out.

If you are kind and helpful or considerate to another, that will be returned to you. This is why I use karma as my yardstick for everything that I do. It is also why the words fate and destiny are attached to this card.

It can also speak of a sudden complete shift in your life. If the wheel reverses, you experience a shift in the established order. This may require some adjustment, but it’s for your greatest good.

Card from Moonchild Tarot ©


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