The Weekender!

May 31-June 3, 2019

Four of Pentacles Reversed

This card is a jumper, popped right out of the deck! It’s better in the reversed position then upright. It’s about releasing and not holding on so tightly to what you have, physically and metaphorically.

Understanding there is a flow to the Universe, and all that you acquire. Understanding that you can manifest what you need through thought and affirmation.

Hello June!

Card from Radiant Rider-Waite ©


Weekly Reading

May 20-24, 2019

Five of Pentacles

I shuffled and got this card twice, so I guess we are not escaping this card today! You may currently be dealing with financial issues or unemployment, and it may feel a little scary. If not, then it is a mindset issue. I call this the poverty mindset card, and this can apply to any area of your life, work, money, love, friends, happiness of any kind.

Have you grown accustomed to believing there is lack in some area of your life? If so, then it is that belief that is standing in the way of abundance and success.

Take a good look at those beliefs, write them down, release them and replace them with something positive that reflects what you want. Then watch things change.

Have a positive week!

Card from Moonchild Tarot ©


Weekly Reading


May 13-17, 2019

Why not use those beautiful Mother’s Day flowers in the shot right?!

Okay. This is a heavy card. There may be something this week you need to deal with from an ethical or legal perspective. This may be you or someone close to you. Be prepared, stick to the facts, take responsibility if needed.

The bigger issue here is the scales of justice and karma. This may also be about something that has happened to you and the consequences or outcome for that person. Take the time to process and put it perspective, release it and move forward.

Give yourself permission to eliminate incessant thoughts about how things could have gone differently. Letting these thoughts go can create space in your life for something new and positive.

Have an even keel week!

Card from Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot ©


The Weekender!

May 2-6, 2019

What is already with You.

I have been away for a while due to family illness; however, the call of the tarot is too strong to ignore.

What you are seeking is already within you. You have what you need that is necessary for success right now. Take that one small step, that one simple choice and that will set you on your path, and all else will flow from that.

You don’t need that army of resources to move ahead. It’s a myth designed to stall your progress. The butterfly is the symbol of the Soul.

Take flight!

Card from Sacred Rebels Oracle ©


The Weekender!

April 19-22, 2019

Eight of Cups

The look of this version of the eight of cups is a little different. Instead of walking away, he holds a cup in his hand and is beseeching. He is looking for deeper meaning in his life and is asking to be shown this.

You may be in an in-between stage and need inspiration and direction that leads to a new path. Solitude, meditate, listen to your inner voice to find that new path. It may require making choices once the new path appears to you.

Change happens one step at a time. This is a powerful full/pink moon phase with opportunities for significant personal growth.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Card from Connolly Tarot ©