Weekly Reading

April 15-19, 2019

Seven of Swords

Don’t be taken advantage of this week. If you suspect underhandedness from someone, then keep your intentions to yourself. At work avoid office politics. In a relationship, a lack of trust on either side, will stall it and prevent forward movement.

If you suspect cheating, investigate further, Don’t get involved in schemes, that promise a quick financial return, it’s a scam. It will show up in one or another of these areas this week.

Have a mindful week!

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The Weekender!

Eight of Cups

April 6-8, 2019

You are walking away, like the person in the card. Something has disillusioned, disappointed you or you have lost interest in someone or something. There is nothing left to salvage and the situation has run it’s course.

If it’s your job, you have gone as far as you can, hit the glass ceiling and it’s time for something new.

In a relationship, it has become stagnant. You are not in love, lost interest or the situation is going nowhere. It’s time to cut your losses and move on. This is the beginning of this awareness for you.

Have a good weekend!

Card from Morgan-Greer Tarot ©

Weekly Reading

April 1-5, 2019

Ace of Swords

You are having trouble with your perception of something. Your understanding comes to you by simply cutting through the illusion and peeling away the layers of the situation to get to the truth.

This will prompt you to think differently and take a different approach to the situation in order to resolve it. It will help you facilitate the end result you want.

Card from Morgan-Greer Tarot ©

The Weekender!

Wheel of Fortune

March 29-April 1, 2019

Karma- what goes around comes around. What we put out eventually makes it’s way back to us. This regards everything, not just the bad but the positive, the helpful and everything in between.

It is a universal law and functions whether people believe in it or not. Karma may arrive from a different source, but it will be equal in measure to what you put out.

If you are kind and helpful or considerate to another, that will be returned to you. This is why I use karma as my yardstick for everything that I do. It is also why the words fate and destiny are attached to this card.

It can also speak of a sudden complete shift in your life. If the wheel reverses, you experience a shift in the established order. This may require some adjustment, but it’s for your greatest good.

Card from Moonchild Tarot ©


Weekly Reading

March 25-29, 2019

Every Journey Starts with a Single Step

Your journey may have begun internally, but your destination will be the physical expression of an internal healing and growth.

Don’t worry about what you will leave behind, whatever it is, when the time comes, it won’t trouble you. You will likely experience relief.

You may not know all the details right now, or how it’s going to work out. Your just meant to take it one step at a time. Eventually all those steps add up to a destination.

Have an insightful week!

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