Have a look at the feedback other clients have left about their tarot reading experiences!

That was one of the best readings I have ever received. You have shed so much light on everything and I feel more at peace with myself and the decisions I need to make. You are spectacular!
-Samara, United States, Jan/17

Your reading was so on point it gave me chills. I appreciate how you find an ongoing theme throughout the reading and refer back to it. Very meaningful and effective. This has been one of the most accurate readings I’ve ever had.
-Deanna, Canada, Feb/17

This reading resonated with me on a pretty deep level. I can’t tell you how accurate this was or how much this has validated what I was thinking about the situation. I loved how you handled my question and how you looked at it from different levels. Your reading came at the right time. The time it was needed.
-Kamshe, India, March/17

This has been such a wonderful and well received reading. I felt completely connected to everything you read from the cards. It feels clear to me that you know how to go deeper with the cards and really relate their meanings to individual situations. Your reading has left me further empowered, sure and confident in the positivity I feel and felt about this new year of my life. Thank you for sharing your talents and time with me.
-Allison, United States, March/17

Wonderful detail in the reading. The reading referenced my question and current situation and reaffirmed the journey I am on. Wonderful Job!
-Marisa, United States, April/17

I’ve been reading tarot for many years and I’m so impressed by, and grateful for, the insightful and relevant reading I got from Lady Rhian! She is a skilled reader who clearly has a deep understanding of the tarot. She explained how each card related to my query and her insights have helped me clarify my current situation so I can plot out the best course of action for success. I would not hesitate recommending Lady Rhian to other seekers. ~Holly T, United States, July/18

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